28/Oct/07 - Spiritualism ~ A Prophecy Unrecognised

28/Oct/07 - Spiritualism ~ A Prophecy Unrecognised

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The highlight of a visit to Spiritualist church is undoubtedly the part of the service where the medium or clairvoyant gives messages to members of the congregation. Now most of the time, the messages seem to ‘touch the spot‘; occasionally however, a message is received with a bewildered expression and the identity of the spirit is not recognized as being part of the family ancestry.

I often find myself in the position of not recognizing the spirit contact, due I think to the fact that I have only a hazy idea of my family ancestry. Both my parents were totally self-sufficient in their love for each other and for me, their only son. Consequently we only visited the ‘Aunts and Uncles’ once or twice a year, usually at Christmas and perhaps for a day at the sea-side in the summer. I remember that the Aunties all smelt of perfume and wore two-piece suits (jacket and skirt) which always seemed to be made of a rough tweedy material that chaffed my bare legs as I fulfilled the penance of having to sit on their laps, whilst they talked about me as if I wasn’t there. “He’s doing very well isn’t he”, “He’s growing into a fine boy” etc. I used to put up with it in part, I’m ashamed to say, in order that they would press a sixpenny piece or even a shilling into my hand. The Uncles would often frighten me by insisting that I joined them in a game of backyard-football. Two Uncles would start trying to dribble the ball past each other, looking and sounding like hippo’s at war. Suddenly they would turn and kick the ball toward me “Come on Lad!” they’d shout. They’d go quiet when I silently declined to kick the ball back. “Our Kitty’s got him all dressed up like a girl” remarked one of the Aunties - not comprehending that I could hear and understand her.

It’s perhaps just as well that the majority of the messages I receive are from my Mother and occasionally my Father, although I do yet quite a few from figures from the past - usually offering to help with my writing. Shirley the medium turned to me one Sunday last year and told me she had a “known person” with her who was going to be with me in Eire. Shirley described him to me, saying that he had resembled me during his life and that he would help me. I have to admit that the first image that came into my mind was bw soulmerlinthat of George Bernard Shaw and I also admit to being skeptical at the time. I was therefore pleasantly surprised that the first thing I saw was a large blow-up of GBSshaw in the airport arrivals concourse when I arrived in Dublin a few days later. After all, one message or contact with Napoleon has got to be genuine!

There was one particular message I received last October, which I didn’t understand until two days ago, when suddenly everything ‘clicked into context’ and made perfect sense. The Rev. Eileen was conducting messages and described how the spirit-world was pleased with the progress I had made with my writing, but then went on to describe an image she could see of what I presumed to be an ancient manuscript. Eileen said that I would have a page, one half of which would contain writing and the other half would be comprised of designs and charts of some sort. She then went on to say that it was like an endless scroll, with the writing going down one side and the patterns and charts down the other.

Those of you who have visited my Almanack before will know that I have only recently created a broad blue sidebar area down the right-hand side, for entries, archives, calendars etc, and that the Almanack page had previously only a thin blue strip of geometric designs down each side. After eight months of writing, I had realized that my bespoke, hand-drawn, painted and designed ‘blog’ would have to conform to the standard blog-design of Wordpress or Blogspot for example, in order that readers would be able to easily refer back to previous entries, look at a selection of ‘the best’ and also visit site-links and various ’widgets’.

Joining Blogrush gave the Almanack page it’s final half and half format. I wanted to place their module on the PA0700181Almanack page and I couldn’t see where and how I could do it. I’m glad to say that Alison, my web-designer came up with the solution of getting rid of the left-hand blue geometric strip and putting it over onto the right-hand side and generally widening the blue border to it’s present format. I say “glad” because it removes any chance that I was subconsciously trying to get the page to look like Eileen’s description some 12 months earlier - in any case I had never related her ‘vision’ to that of a web-page, but more to an illuminated medieval parchment scroll. I also had no idea about blogging at that time and I hadn’t even considered owning and running a web-site.

When things are viewed out of context, they can often not be identified. I passed by the woman who works at the shop at the top of my street the other day because I had only seen her behind the shop counter and didn’t recognize her as she walked towards me. She seemed a little miffed the following day when I went in to get my paper and responded a little stiffly to my cheery “hello”. I also remember as a boy, not recognizing our local vicar because he was not wearing his dog-collar - he looked so ordinary and not at all ‘vicar-ish’. (There’s Eileen above, looking very vicar-ish, together with John Chapman, who is perhaps one of the most spiritual and funny men I have ever met.)

Perhaps that’s why Mary Magdalene didn’t recognize Jesus at first when she went to the tomb…


PS: Do try some of the links on the Blogrush module - most of them are really good and some are excellent - a tip: If you’re not too interested in the titles on display in the module, keep refreshing the page - You’ll find a different set of titles will come up each time. Happy reading.

Oh yes - I’ve just turned “Flowers” into “Flowers and Scorpions”. I wanted to create a popular weekly blog - and here it is - a weekly tabloid on spirituality and life. The “Sun” and the “Daily Star” have a lot to answer for! You can reach it from the banner below, or the links at the top of this page, or through the “Flowers” square on the Home Page. Now it can be established that the Almanack is a “posh” paper. (sometimes the Independant and sometimes the Express or Mail!)


Photographs from top:

top L - Me

top R - George Bernard Shaw

btm R - Eileen Millward and John Chapman

Alison Parton my web-designer http://www.notatoad.co.uk

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