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Sep 17

Flying and Dying ~Vivid Dreams and Premonitions (1)

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Flying and Dying.

I am susceptible to vivid dreams, visions and premonitions, especially when I’m tired and stressed-out. I also have a fear of flying…

You might therefore think that I’m tempting fate with a title like “Flying and Dying”, especially as I’m currently at somewhere between 30 and 40,000 feet over central America, on my way back from Houston-upon-Hell, to the green countryside of Warwickshire - and to my favourite oak tree. And even if the flight arrives safely, will I be extinguished in the coach taking me from Gatwick to Heathrow? And even if I reach the long-term car park and actually find my car, will I perish on the motorway? And upon arriving home, will I die of a heart attack brought on by all the worry about dying?


So why all this speculation about death?





Well, the night before last, I had a vivid dream, which woke me in the wee small hours and kept me from returning to peaceful slumber for a long while…

David and I were standing in a dimly lit octagonal-shaped room; on the floor was a white ball that kept rolling about and changing direction of its own accord. I remember feeling excited and ‘knowing’ that a spirit presence was moving the ball. David then remarked that he could see the shape of a person start to materialize. I looked and I could make out a dim smoky outline. I then recall approaching the ball and picking it up and finding it had an internal energy, like a gyroscope that resists a change of direction, or a bit like the plastic hamster exercise ball that Polo my pet hamster used to love whizzing around the house in and which my mam, in her last days, used to rescue from the deep groove leading into the cupboard below the stairs, where it used to get trapped…. suddenly David and I were standing at Victoria Station in London and the American actors and performers were all there with us. I was delighted to show them how the ball moved by itself when I put it down and they all agreed that it was proof that a spirit or some supernatural force was moving the sphere. When I picked it up however, it changed into a face - a sad face. “Have you checked your flight to Dartford” was all it said.

Life has been very hectic the last few days and I have been gradually sleeping and eating less as my work-pace and stress levels have risen. Mystic and psychic people over the ages have functioned at a higher sensitivity when their bodies and minds are pushed beyond normal limits, when they find themselves in extreme situations. I find my developing abilities increase substantially under extreme ‘load’ – my various neuroses also increase however, together with what seem to be hallucinations – so I am always careful to make and place interpretations on my dreams and visions, later when I am rested.

The next episode follows in around 24 hours…..(I’ve just got to catch up on sleep as I’m going to King’s Lynn near Norwich tomorrow)…and involves a tight weave of co-incidental and highly improbably events that point firmly to the existence of pre-ordination.



It’s good to be home

(if only for a few days)


(photos by soulMerlin)

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