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Jun 5

Tuesday 5th June ~ A visit to a Glasgow Psychic

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Last Wednesday (30th), was the day before the second anniversary of my mother’s death, so when Jeremy, one of our keyboard players told me he had spotted a “Fortune-Teller” in the Savoy indoor market at the town-end of Suchihall Street that he thought might interest me, I made a mental note to visit her the following day.

Our daily matinee ends at 4.30, so I knew I had to get a move-on. I was out of the stage door within ten minutes of the show coming down and striding out along Glasgow’s most well known street. I had (I thought) remembered Jeremy’s instructions, but found myself lost between HMV, John Lewis and Virgin. The time was ticking by and I began to give up hope. It was almost 5.20 and I reckoned that, at the worst the Psychic would be finishing work at 5.30 - at best 6.00pm. So I had 10 – 40mins only, not really enough time to find the place, presuming the psychic was indeed available and not in the middle of the last consultation of the day.

I was starting to feel sweaty and fatigued and a bit exasperated. Jeremy’s directions had been simple and clear, so I upped my walking pace and at last found the Savoy centre. In I went and hurried around the stalls and trinket shops - clothes, sweets, socks, jewellery and even a café – but no psychic. It was now around 5.25, so I gave up and walked out of the centre and back onto Suchihall street.

Now I had understandably felt very close to Christina all day and I had the distinct feeling that she wanted to contact me. I find I have to be very careful to separate my self-generated fantasy thoughts and feelings, from genuine insight – but the feeling that she was around me, like a sort of pixie-dust; covering me from head to feet was unmistakable.

I had first felt her ‘covering’ on the night she died. I remember lying in bed and feeling her all around me. I remember reaching up and touching my face and discovering it felt like her face - to be embraced by a spirit is unlike any other sensation.

By this time, I was walking in circles outside the Savoy centre. I stopped, looking back toward the large John Lewis store complex, where Suchihall Street turns sharp right into Buchanan Street and the rail station. I thought, “If you really want to talk to me mam, then you’d better help.” I turned and there was Jeremy the keyboard player! Events like that make me smile and go warm all over. Coincidence? I think the odds against meeting Jeremy at that moment, especially as I had just asked Christina for help, must have been extremely high.

Jeremy led me back into the centre and around the right-hand side of the café and there it was. Jeremy said goodbye, but I was already intent on getting a session if at all possible, so I went straight in and sat down on one of the chairs in the little waiting-room

Almost at once, Maura the psychic appeared from a nearby stall. “Can I book a consultation”, I asked “Or will you do one now?” As it turned out, Maura was able to fit in a short consultation, offering a twenty minute ‘short reading’. That was good enough for me, so in I went, through dark curtains, into her consulting room…

“I can feel your mother all around you.” Maura’s opening gambit, especially as I hadn’t said anything more than “hello”, was encouraging, “she is guiding you”. She continued, gazing astutely from the other side of the small, velvet-covered table. Maura had chosen the ‘soul’ cards for the reading, remarking that she felt I was a very spiritual person, a loner and ‘one of a kind’. (all very true) As she continued, each detail became part of the repeating pattern that has occurred since Christina passed over; “You are writing a book, but it is a book about your life!”… (again that was true)

At this point, I realized that all the messages I had received over the past two years, were being again repeated…

Maura then gave real proof of her considerable ability. “There is someone else who is very dear and loved”…..(I thought of Liz, my ex-wife, who was very close to my mother – in fact they were the best of friends)….. “The name Elizabeth is coming into my head.” I was stunned. If I needed proof that my feelings of Christina being ‘around’ were correct, “Elizabeth” provided it, especially as only my mother called her by her full name. I have always called her ‘Liz’ and her family usually chose ‘Betty’ in conversation.

Maura, with her black headscarf, long skirt and white blouse, then turned to her crystal ball…

“I see 100….you may live a long time” (eek!)

“You will receive unexpected riches – though not financial” (tsk! tsk!)

“I see a young girl” (I have two grandsons – could a granddaughter be arriving?)

I walked back to the theatre with the broadest of smiles. Maura was excellent. If you’re in Glasgow, I suggest you ring her and pay a visit.



MAURA 0141-332-7375 Home:0141-334-0565


The Politically Correct and the Emotionally Immature

I noted in the news last week, that in order to spare embarrassment, the RNIB has censored the use of the word ‘C**k’ in their literature, often using asterisks *, when describing a male bird. They have however, failed to censor the word ‘Tit’ as for example in Blue Tit. Therefore we can have ‘Tits’ but not ‘C**ks’. A clear case of s**ism I fear.



A Weather C**k

By censoring it, attention is drawn toward the most unsavory of the double-meaning they are trying to avoid.

(in any case, the weather’s been fowl this week so far)

‘till the next time


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