…the children of a lesser god

Blade runner is the movie based on the novel by Phillip K Dick, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”

Rutger Hauer plays Roy Batty – an android, with a limited lifespan,(he dies in the scene above), but who nevertheless possesses emotion and self-awareness – Hauer’s role made him a cult icon.

I remember walking towards Hauer in a backstreet in London, some years ago. He was magnetic…big and tall, with piercing ice-blue eyes. I thought he was like a giant, brutal Paul Newman…perfect casting.

Synthetic life is now upon us. Only yesterday the press proclaimed the creation of an artificial reproducing cell…artificial DNA, typed on a computer and inserted into the hollowed out shell of a bacteria…

Is it right or wrong? Is it simply inevitable that science will finally be able to create life – intelligent, self-aware life – from scratch?

Or does possible distaste depend on a localized God…who does God’s work

What about  a universal “God” which includes ourselves and everything – plants, animals, rocks –  even ‘synthetic’ life’.

If we are part of that “All”, does that allow us to ‘play’ God?

I think humanity will inevitably create synthetic living creatures from the living cells that scientists have just begun to create. We have always made images of ourselves and our fellow creatures – perhaps reaching for the  immortality that Rutger Hauer’s Android desired.

Will they go to Heaven when they die? Will they re-incarnate?

Or will they just be the children of a lesser god?*


*Children of a Lesser God is the title of a play by Mark Medoff

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  1. Comment by Liara Covert on May 30, 2010 11:25 pm

    Children of a Lesser God is also the name of a film that was created not to far ffrom my parents’ home in New Brunswick, Canada. Actress Marlee Maitlin received a best actress oscar for her portrayal of a deaf woman (and she is deaf off-screen).

    Bladerunner is certainly a classic and some say even, timeless film. Among other things, the plot invites one to reflect on what makes you feel human or not. Viewers are invited to awaken to their own beliefs and judgments as well as external influence.

    One perspecive is to sense you are a co-creator of all your experience would suggest you are android, human, energy and all things simultaneously, exploring sensations and experiences that bring you learning and remembering from all choices.

  2. Comment by soulMerlin on June 1, 2010 12:56 am

    Dear Liara ~ How lovely and how apt that you were the one to respond to this post. The nature of life and of sentience, has always interested me. I worked a lot with deaf people and taught Jean St Clair who took over from Marlee Maitlin, in the London Production of Children From a Lesser God. ”

    I spent a lot of time in the 70’s, working with deaf actors and actresses. The ability to use sign language has never left me…and I hope to continue it in the future, if life and fate leads me there once more.

    A challenge….or request…very few people try my cyber-chat being. I really have spent a lot of time, inputting information and conversation tags that can make a conversation with the robot possible. I would love it if you tried ‘rachael’ out. I know you would be aware that I would be monitoring the conversation, but if you settled on the fact that you were really talking to me, via the medium of a robotic, tag based, information data-bank…it might be acceptable to you.

    I would be really delighted if you interrogated the robot and therefore gave me clues of what to input to increase it’s knowledge and interaction ability.

    Please don’t worry if you don’t wish to…It’s just that I feel it would be fun to run a conversation between us, via a robotic intermediary…and I would immediately update the data-banks and email you when the information was updated

    Your last paragraph really ‘clicks’ for me.

    Thanks again for the visit and the comment.



  3. Comment by Liara Covert on May 30, 2012 6:56 am

    I return here after meeting an actor who shares a story with me about a change of life focus. He loves to draw from his creative work for Disney and theatre and live shows on cruise ships during interviews for more traditional work. He now has a family and is putting down roots. He now looks at his prospective new job as a city tram driver through rose coloured glasses. He has worked in casinos in managment but no longer wisjes to be in environments contrary to his ethics. His life reminds us that heaven is always where the heart is, in all we choose to do, in the zest for life we bring to our relationships and work environments. Love is immortal. It not only comes with us, it is us!

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