Comprehending God ~ The Orientation of Heaven and Hell (i)


Hieronymus_Bosch_-_The_Garden_of_Earthly_Delights_-_Hell The location of spirit is a natural outcome of our three-dimensional perceptions and of our physical location upon this planet.

Many people will acknowledge Heaven as a state of afterlife with celestial trees, fields rivers and sunlight in the company of Angels; but avoid a similar three-dimensional perception of Hell as a place of flames and darkness, inhabited by clove-footed demons and tortured souls.

One perception cannot live without the other. A Heaven of green fields and blessed sunlight together with the sounds of joy and laughter, cannot be part of our three-dimensional comprehension of the spiritual world, unless we also acknowledge the existence of a Hell of molten rocks and lava and the wailing despair of souls lost in the sulphuric darkness.

Exercise 1.

Look downward and focus on the centre of the earth.

Now recite the Lord’s Prayer.                   

What are your thoughts and feelings after doing the exercise? (or declining)

image: Hieronymus Bosch-The Garden of Earthly Delights-Hell.

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  1. Comment by raphnix on December 29, 2008 9:40 am

    You got a very interesting insight to subscribe about. Thans for sharing you personal insights.

  2. Comment by Lilly on December 29, 2008 12:08 pm

    Henry, I never think of heaven in terms of its aesthetics. I just think of it as being at peace nd fulfilled with a clear understanding of the big picture finally. I do think of hell and tortured souls. However, I have always had this one question. How can you be happy if someone you love is in hell and tortured? Exercise 1 completed. Lillyxx

  3. Comment by soulMerlin on December 29, 2008 3:59 pm

    Thanks Lilly and Raphnix ~ This series of posts is really my own personal journey to understand and reach ‘God’. Even though I feel I have moved beyond my original, conditioned beliefs, reciting the Lord’s Prayer to the ground, still had me feeling that I was doing something wrong and a bit disrespectful…and yet the Earth is rich and sustains us. It must have been much easier for our ancestors to comprehend Heaven, when they thought that all the planets, including the sun, revolved around the Earth…now it is harder and many people reject the idea of a Creator and a world or dimension of spirit, because they cannot cope with the idea of a big man sitting in the clouds, and a Devil, lurking in the Underworld…and yet these images are the three-dimensional reflections of essential truths.

    Anyway..that all sounds a bit complex, but I hope to open things up over the next posts.

    Lilly…How would you know if someone you loved was in Hell? - That response makes me feel you know someone who you think may be there (or deserving to go there). I certainly could never be happy in those circumstances…

    …so, is there really a Hell?


  4. Comment by Liara Covert on December 30, 2008 4:08 pm

    The layers of complexity of the Bosch painting remind me of unlimited levels of human awareness. We have many opportunities to explore and discover parts of our unexplored selves. To me, this is a path to heaven. God is part of each of us. Rather than seek outside the self for answers, go deeper within instead.

  5. Comment by soulMerlin on December 31, 2008 1:36 am

    Hi Liara ~ I understand and appreciate everything you say - especially “go deeper within instead.” In a sense it is the way I am writing this series. I am not discovering the comprehension of God; rather am I re-discovering. For the last three years, I have questioned and searched for the nature of god, both as a personification and as the concept of ‘the all’.

    A few years ago, a friend discarded belief in God with the statement “My belief mechanism cannot cope with it.” I am revisiting my experiences - within and without - and trying to put down in words, the factors and elements I have discovered significant to my own belief mechanism and hopefully others, who themselves might find the series an opening onto a spirituality they may otherwise have rejected.

    Maybe I over-played myself as I was at the start of the odyssey, but as I now retrace my steps I find that I am already starting a new voyage(s). I promise you I will not stay outdoors too long.


  6. Comment by Liara Covert on January 2, 2009 4:38 am

    Henry, I am always engaged by your journey and how you share it. Your odyssey is thought-provoking. Whichever realm you visit invites your readers tap into what they are ready to explore. Their jounrey may not be similar to your own, but you trigger or encourage people to discover courage to journey their own way.

    As it happens, I have come to know people who choose not to focus on any aspect of God or the Divine. They feel he is a human invention of no importance. Other people I have met do not believe in theories of evolution or the Big Bang and prefer not to think about why they came to exist. They focus on what they perceive to be everyday survival matters. It is human nature to have free will and use it.

    In my own view, each being is born with a part of themselves that is free of expectaton, guilt, shame or regret, conditioning or human emotion. You can call this space soul, spirit, psyche, the inner abyss or whatever you choose. I believe human beings spend their lives being taught to hide from it or fear it so they can experience the rewarding process of returning to it. It is a journey back to who you have always been and still are.

  7. Comment by Lilly on January 2, 2009 9:00 am

    Henry, you asked if there was really a hell. I think we look upon it all in too complex a way sometimes. I do not think there is a hell in terms of a devil and hot flames as such but I think hell may be that our soul can never be at peace. Yes I do know someone who is evil. I have tried to look at this person as mentally ill and that they dont know what they are doing but this person clearly chooses to take certain paths that are horrific and which hurt people. I just find it hard to comprehend how people can be like that and yes it does concern me what happens to them because they sure do not look like they are suffereing here on earth. Some people do not have a conscience or empathy for others. I have tried to look at this from all persepctives like we are just here on our own personal journeys and need to learn specific lessons so to chill in other words and believe it all happens for a reason. It’s part of the mystery I guess and it will all be revealed to us upon death. I will be interested in your next posts on this. All this has reminded me to go a see a clairvoyant again. Take Care my friend!

  8. Comment by Angel on January 2, 2009 7:19 pm

    Henry as usual your writings are very intense & I have often been very moved by them. Heaven & Hell are always depicted as actual physical places when we really are speaking of Spirit which has no solid physical form. Heaven & Hell can be of this world, either created for us by cicumstance or events. When we pass to the other realm I feel that the Spirit that defines us goes to a level governed by our acts this side of life.God & the Devil, mans image of how they look as perceived by man.I believe in the forces of Good & Evil, but God is good with one less O & the Devil is evil with the addition of a D.

    Love & light

  9. Comment by soulMerlin on January 3, 2009 5:03 pm

    Dear Liara - This quote from you is so clear :)

    “You can call this space soul, spirit, psyche, the inner abyss or whatever you choose. I believe human beings spend their lives being taught to hide from it or fear it so they can experience the rewarding process of returning to it. It is a journey back to who you have always been and still are.”

    thank you


    Hi Lilly ~ Yes, to me Hell is a state of torment without hope. I know a clairvoyant who is drawn toward the lower vibrations. He has talked to me about souls who are suffering and how his path is to help, in some way, those lost souls. He himself is a very kind and gentle man. He once told me how, when he was a boy, he was lying in bed, when suddenly he found himself standing upright on the bed…then he felt himself being lowered backward and down into another world - one that was dark and frightening.

    People who have something that seems evil about them, often do seem to get through life without a ‘come-back’ for their misdeeds and devious behavior. The danger is (I think) to hope for them to get their ‘come-uppance’ This is rather like using karma as a weapon against the sinner…when karma can spread across many lifetimes and also across people. “Instant Karma” is the term often used, when someone gets an immediate negative occurance, just after they have ‘wronged’. No matter what, I think it is dangerous to hope that someone gets a negative karma - it tends to bounce back.

    I had an Uncle who told his mother he never wanted to see her again - he went blind shortly afterward. (I remember my mother telling me when I was around 12yrs - strange, but the thought has made me careful of what I say or wish for.)

    love h

    Hi Angel ~ Good to hear from you :) I agree with your thoughtful comment…One area in particular interests me…our concept of Levels: Lower vibrations and higher vibrations, Spiritual levels of the soul, levels of understanding. I can never see level, without referring to the dimension of height…but that’s my next post in this series.

  10. Comment by Liara Covert on January 9, 2009 2:46 am

    Henry, ou three dimensional comprehension is spiralling into something else. We have the strength of will that ecourages us to investigate deeper meaning. No human being has reason to fear. Love draws us to reconnect with our innermost spirits and this teaches us things that go beyond words, beyond human descrption. Yet this does not devalue the experience in any way.

  11. Comment by Janet Gardner on January 15, 2009 4:34 am

    Hi Henry,
    This post was thought provocking. Being a spiritual person, I should look at both the light and the darkness, but the darkness is to harder for me to look at. I did the exercise and as I looked down and prayed, I only could picture those poor souls in the dark to be free and forgiven, so they may enter into the light.
    Take Care,
    Janet :)

  12. Comment by Robin Easton on January 15, 2009 5:03 am

    Dear Henry,

    I stopped by here when you first put this up and I wrote a comment but it was 3 pages long. I kid you not. I cut it out and pasted it into MSWord and it was 3 PAGES. I knew I couldn’t leave a comment THAT long. :) :) So I deleted it and saved what I wrote. You inspired THAT much!! LOL! I was stunned. And it just poured out in minutes. Since I can’t post it here I thought I could edit it and use it for a post sometime with a link back to this post. OR all of you blogs. I laughed my head off when I got to the end and was going to click submit and realized NOBODY, I mean N..O..B..O..D..Y leaves a 3 PAGE comment. “Robin, that is a post, NOT a comment!!!” LOL!!

    Aaaah, henry my dear friend it is good you also have a sense of humor. Anyway…I love the way you are seeking here in this post, I love the openness, so open in fact that it invites the reader to respond. It invites them to look inward and see what they feel and think and have experienced.

    I will say this, I believe in infinite love and know it as heaven, but not a place solely “above” us. It is a state of being, it is the unknown, the mystery, it is the desire to create, to connect, to commune, it is Earth and Universe. It IS. I also pray that all human suffering and the hell that those being tortured and imprisoned experience (in any way) is transformed into LOVE. Deep in my bones I feel this is true.

    The rest I will have to leave for a future post….

    You are fascinating, inspiring and magical.
    Thank you henry.
    Robin xox

  13. Comment by Liara Covert on January 18, 2009 8:14 pm

    As you inspire us to think about the centre of the Earth, some people may reflect on people like Jules Verne. He is known for his 1864 science fiction work, Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Funny thing is, the journeys we choose to take are those that begin as dreams. What prompts us to transform them into reality? Perhaps we finally accept we begin to connect differently with the unseen. I agree with Robin. You inspire magic, encourage each of us to reconnect with the truth inside.

  14. Comment by Carol on February 6, 2009 12:40 am

    I’m very much a straggler on this post.
    You do raise an interesting question. You made me realize, I think about heaven all the time and very rarely give thought to hell. Perhaps it’s because I feel hell is set aside for the truly evil and black of heart almost soul-less beings. We DO live in a 3 dimensional world which makes it very hard to comprehend what heaven could be.

    I also find it interesting you asked readers to recite the Lord’s Prayer and inquired on feelings or if there was a decline in even reciting it. What saddens me are those that skip over the prayers, some believing its hogwash or a waste of time and it does no good. So many of them miss out what has been handed to them so many eons ago.

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