March 18th ~The Nature of God





photo by soulMerlin

Now most believers would agree that God can be seen in a flower – “God’s handiwork”. But most would regard it as the work of God, rather than God himself; there is always the three-dimensional concept of an invisible hand at work. The full understanding of God – what and who ‘he’ is, could be said to be beyond our conception. Perhaps we should consider that it is not just ‘his’ handiwork and ‘his’ design, but that it is ‘him’.

But should we use the term ‘him’ for God? Is the supreme ruler really a man? I still find the Lord’s Prayer difficult in many ways; looking between my fingers, at the women chanting: “Our Father….” - what about a Goddess instead? The trouble with the term “Goddess”, is that it sounds Pagan and therefore, perhaps dangerous. The women at church don’t seem to mind though. Maybe they’re right and I’m wrong; it could be that the moment of creation was masculine and instigatory and the created universe feminine and nurturing.



The female body is undoubtably built for birth and nurturing, whilst the male body is built strongly to attack in order to protect the family unit. But the stereotype is limiting; We still expect a man to be able to deliver a straight penetrating punch and a woman to execute a swinging curved slap, or hide behind a man’s protection (although that does seem to be changing, if current behaviour outside nightclubs is taken into account!) Neverthless it is still a source of humour if a woman can punch straight and knock the male bully off his feet. Sadly, the man who declines to fight, is often ridiculed.

photo DianeM



Our leaders still exhibit primitive ‘physical-superiority’ stereotypical behaviour. I was watching TV the other night with Liz, when she observed that Blair and Bush were walking “like a couple of apes”. They truly were: Shoulders swinging, arms curved and biceps tensed, they marched into a conference at an indecent pace, their aids scurrying along behind them. (By ‘scurrying’ their aids were also fulfilling the stereotypical behaviour-pattern required of them - for their advancement, employment and ‘place’.)


This ape-tactic is still effective in our 21st century western culture. We feel re-assured if our leaders look that they could go the distance and more, with a young Mohammad Ali – even though, it is their intelligence, not their brawn that we really need.

But it’s our fault – my fault, that these limiting stereotypes exist. The male/female conflict lies within all of us; aggravated on the one hand, by the breakdown of the traditional male and female roles and on the other, by our inherited instinctive resonance to those roles. Only by being aware of the nous between instinct and rational thought; can human beings begin to find their own correct proportion of masculinity and femininity, together with their conception of the nature of God, within themselves – for themselves.






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