Sunday 11th March - Green Spirits

This post is not intended to knock Extraordinary Rendition off the top-spot. I think the world is getting “atrocity punch-drunk”. We can watch somone dying on tv and then go to tea…..(including me) No…this post is to celebrate Spring! In the pagan calendar, we are half-way through ‘Imbolc’, which commences on the 1st or 2nd of February and gives way to the Spring Equinox (March 20/21st). I can smell the earth, as I walk through the Grove with my morning coffee.

I’ve been driving to Liverpool each day - there is a Victorian Ghost, chasing a servant-girl up the stairs, at the Empire Theatre in Lime Street (just next to Lime Street Station) ChrisP, a young performer told me about the apparitions; (just before he managed to sprain his foot and then, no doubt in emotional hysteria, throw himself head-first into the scenery) - and no…I didn’t see either the man or the girl (only ChrisP), but it was a busy week and I really wasn’t ‘tuned’ to things beyond the concrete dimensions.

Driving to Liverpool each morning was wonderfully different. In the middle of each tree I passed (it’s a good drive..lot’s of forests, fields and trees) there seemed to be a shimmering green ‘tree-soul’. Yet the trees were/are still in bud. Why could I see green? The tree spirits are there - go and have a look.

(the hours before and up to dawn)
Life is renewing, the light is returning

The life force is awakening ~ Vivianne Crowley

Finally….a quiz

What tree is this? sargents-cherry-bark.jpg


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