1st March - Happy Birthday Liz! (I forgot it!!)

Well, I didn’t exactly forget it - I got caught out by the lack of days in February. I did notice that she was dressed up to the nines this morning. I was pleased that she was going to lunch with her friends and I was amazed to see a beautiful bunch of flowers arrive from AndyM. I was planning the celebrations for her 70th (wow) this Sunday, when I presumed the first of March would be born.

Silly Aquarian that I am, an air-child with my head in the clouds - I didn’t realise that Pisces was already swimming around. AndyM, being a Virgo, would probably not comprehend how I could do this. But then, I must not blame astrology for my absent-mindedness. Good for you AndyM!


Talking about Aquarians - I remember directing Russell Grant, many moons ago as Mr Stromboli in a production of Pinnochio (I’m talking about the mid-70’s) Even then Russell was involved in astrology and used to rush home after rehearsals to work on his charts. Hard work sometimes pays off and I think most people have heard of Russell and have read his columns in various newspapers. If anyone thinks that he and the others, just make it up, I can assure a lot of work goes into the preparation of even one chart. www.russellgrant.com

Russell was also a great Mr. Stromboli! I must talk more about Astrologers; in particular, ‘Chris’ who works in central london, often at ‘Mysteries’ in Monmouth Street, not far from Cambridge Circus - but the ‘half’ has just been called and I must prepare for tonights performance.

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