Comprehending God ~ The Orientation of Heaven and Hell (i)


Hieronymus_Bosch_-_The_Garden_of_Earthly_Delights_-_Hell The location of spirit is a natural outcome of our three-dimensional perceptions and of our physical location upon this planet.

Many people will acknowledge Heaven as a state of afterlife with celestial trees, fields rivers and sunlight in the company of Angels; but avoid a similar three-dimensional perception of Hell as a place of flames and darkness, inhabited by clove-footed demons and tortured souls.

One perception cannot live without the other. A Heaven of green fields and blessed sunlight together with the sounds of joy and laughter, cannot be part of our three-dimensional comprehension of the spiritual world, unless we also acknowledge the existence of a Hell of molten rocks and lava and the wailing despair of souls lost in the sulphuric darkness.

Exercise 1.

Look downward and focus on the centre of the earth.

Now recite the Lord’s Prayer.                   

What are your thoughts and feelings after doing the exercise? (or declining)

image: Hieronymus Bosch-The Garden of Earthly Delights-Hell.

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It’s a Thought…

Before I explain, do the video-test below…(it takes around half a minute)

(do the test first and no looking down for the answer - stop scrolling)


                                            Did you get a surprise?

If you can miss ‘that’ in the middle of a basketball game - can you be sure you didn’t miss the Angel sitting opposite you in the restaurant - or the theatre, or the train station, or simply when you were thinking about other things…

  Sometimes we only see what we want to, (or are conditioned to)…see


I saw the vid’ initially in ‘Lilly’s Life’ ~ Lilly is a fantastic writer - She is so funny, witty, bright…go there :)

I said I’d use it one day Lilly :)

ps: Click on Obama to hear about rainforests and other (none moonwalking) bears

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