People…Empathy and the Lady

phpkxivx3pm-thumbThere was a very healthy response to the previous post: People…

Thank you to 

Tamera, angel,  Anji, ravenscawl, Eric S. Liara Covert, Bird, Joseph, tashabud, Robin Easton, A.Bolaji, Susie, Janet, Chrissy,

- If you’d like to find out about the lady on the bench, please click on the photograph and all will be revealed.




phpkxivx3PM   Take a look at this picture, what does it  mean or say to you.  Now write down your spontaneous  feelings  as a comment.

Whatever you do, don’t try and over-rationalise your initial impressions, just get them down. Don’t read any other comments until you have entered your own

Monday 25th August ~ will explain.

best wishes


ps: "class dismissed"

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