Thursday 30th August ~ The Moon and New York City

If you look at the Module on the home page, you will see that it’s almost the full moon.


“When you get caught between the Moon and New York City
I know it’s crazy, but it’s true
If you get caught between the Moon and New York City
The best that you can do ……
The best that you can do is fall in love”


David and I have found a really cosy, yet modern restaurant just near our hotel. The food is gourmet quality and the surroundings are computer-chip modern and yet manage to be warm and friendly - all at the same time. (Click on the link below if you like good food, I really think they deserve a ‘plug’.)


click on the Japanese characters below if you want a translated page…


I wasn’t too well last night and I was a little worried as I slumped into the yellow-cab on my way to rehearsals, that I wouldn’t have the stamina for the intensive but fascinating sessions. “Whistle” continues to absorb most of my days - capturing the emotions within each scene feels rather like catching lightning in a bottle and managing to cork it, before it disperses into the aether. Fortunately around mid-morning, I sneezed, popped my cork and broke the cold that had been bottling up unknowingly inside my pounding head. Naturally I had thought (hypochondriac that I am) that I was due for a mild stroke at least; but the resounding “phsChawww!!” I unexpectedly produced - during one of the quiet scenes of course - cleared my brain and elicited ‘bless you’ responses from the cast. My “Thank you for your support, I shall wear it often.” reply, caused a gratifying giggle from the company members. Americans and especially American thespians, seem to adore my quaint English sense of humour (humor)

I’m getting really excited about our opening in Houston in around ten days time and our forthcoming tour of the mid-west. If your interested and especially if you live in the USA, do click on the link below. A word of warning however; if your internet connection is slow, put the vid’ on pause whilst it loads, otherwise it keeps sticking…

After our meal, David went to buy some fruit juice from an all-night store, whilst I had a ciggy outside. I looked up and there it was…..


Now click on the link below and have a private karaoke

(if you sing like me, I suggest the bathroom as the best location)



Love to Sarah and Pete Howarth who got married to this song…..


’till the next time


Tuesday 28th August ~ Whistle Down The Wind USA

Whistle Down The Wind – USA



From my hotel window

It’s been a week since I returned to New York to rehearse “Whistle” for the forthcoming tour of the mid-west. My initial impressions of New York and New Yorkers as being more friendly than Londoners has not lessened at all, in fact I am even more surprised at the warmth and friendliness all around me.

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Perhaps it’s me – perhaps I am attracting friendliness and hospitality – drawing it to me like a magnet. It’s a thought…

I fully believe that most, if not everything we experience and gain (or lose) in life, is of our own doing. I believe we design our own successes and failures; our own harmonies and our own discords. Most times we are the architects of our destinies…

I first saw the film “Whistle Down the Wind” in the early sixties and although the story has now been transplanted from Lancashire to the mid-west of America, the central message of love and belief remains unchanged. So maybe it’s rubbing off on my attitudes to the people around me. There is a magic about the piece that unusually has increased in its present incarnation – maybe because Americans still have an unashamed belief in Jesus. Please don’t be offended, but Christian fervour seems more tangible on this side of the pond, together with a greater sense of identity. But then the UK is going through an all too quick change of identity, both in religious belief and also in social custom. Politicians must take into account that their ideals and visions of the society they wish to create may be at odds with the needs and wants of their ‘subjects’.

There is a drive in the UK toward a healthier society. Smoking is an easy target; a target that also allows folk in small positions of authority to say “No”. Real authority comes from trusting and allowing populations, rather than restricting and banning. Real power often comes from being able to say “Yes”.

Meanwhile violence and murder continue to increase. Greater focus should be placed on spiritual development and mutual respect; otherwise we may end up with a physically strong but spiritually hollow population. It is of little comfort to know that we may be mugged by a healthy non-smoker.

The quantity of life does not equate to its quality.




At my hotel door.

My present work-rate is extreme and therefore this Almanack entry is short, but I will post another within a couple of days.


Sunday 12th August 2007 ~ Messages from Beyond



Messages from Beyond

The Rev. John Chapman turned to the congregation one Sunday and told them that they didn’t really need him. “Everything is Spirit” he said “you can reach out and receive messages without the gateway of a medium”.

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John is essentially right, but it takes time to become more sensitive to the ‘otherworld’. If you think of yourself as a radio or television receiver that is out of tune and that the process of your spiritual searching and self-analysis are the means of tuning your receptivity, you will I think get an idea of the development process of psychic awareness.

My own psychic abilities have grown over the last two years, as predicted repeatedly by mediums, both within the Spiritual Church and in the ‘commercial’ tarot, astrological and psychic-reading communities. Nevertheless my last two visits to church have proved to me that John is essentially right. The messages I received on both Sundays were warming and encouraging, but were not in themselves a proof - my own psychic ‘thoughts’ however, caused me to flush with excitement at today’s service when Dad came through…

Last Sunday (5th August)

I didn’t want to go to church – no particular reason except idleness – then the problem of an Almanack entry came into my head, a head devoid of any theme or idea to write about. Almost at once, I got the impression that Christina wanted me to go because I would find a theme to write about. I abandoned thoughts of a Sunday afternoon in front of the box and set off in the car…

Maureen Hitchin is a delicate bird-like woman, with a childish laugh and an open-ness that I have found in quite a few of her peers. I could feel the familiar tension and fullness in the middle of my forehead and so it was no surprise to me when she came to me first.

The message Maureen gave to me was accurate and yet could apply to a lot of deceased mothers:-

Maureen described a “Wonderful Lady” (Christina) around 5’3” in height, not fat but a little bit cuddly. She reported breathing problems when she was here. She said that Christina was very loving and at most times very spiritual, but that she was occasionally ‘brought down’ by the atrocities in injustice she saw all around her. Maureen commented that Christina did not have many friends or family and that she was not ready to die and even at age 90, wanted to remain in this life. She then said that my mother was so happy now and quoted her as saying that the afterlife was “Wonderful”. Maureen also said that my mother was so pleased at the way things had turned out for me and my projects and that she would continue to help me.

I returned home and decided to write up the account of Maureen’s contact with my mother, however the pressure of last week’s rehearsals and sheer tiredness, made me put off the entry, which was just as well because the experience of today’s church visit brings home to me that the proof I search for is further born out by the fact that I preconceived the moment of contact with my parents. The excitement I feel is that I am on the other side of the fence and instead of wondering if the medium is genuine or not, I now have my own truth and proof.

This Sunday 12th August.

I had gone to church this afternoon, without any feelings from Christiana. My mind was drifting around as Polly Daniels gave out messages. My thoughts turned to my father and I realised that I almost never think of him when it comes to contacting the after-existence and that I seldom reach out and try to contact his spirit. The thought made me sad and guilty, so I at once told him I loved him and that I wanted to contact his spirit.

Almost at once, Polly turned to me. “I have a father-figure here….”

‘till the next time

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