6th March 07 The First Acorn takes Root…

So - I’ve got the first Angel chapter “up” with a simple story I wrote a while ago. The writing style’s a bit ‘quaint’ and clumpy, but it suits the story and I wrote it “as I was” then.

Webmeister Alison (I hope she doesn’t mind…I haven’t asked her!) and moi would welcome your suggestions on ways to improve the ‘userfriendliness’ of the site. (If we beat you to the punch by getting your suggestion up, before we receive it - then you’ll know we are truly clairvoyant!)


1st March - Happy Birthday Liz! (I forgot it!!)

Well, I didn’t exactly forget it - I got caught out by the lack of days in February. I did notice that she was dressed up to the nines this morning. I was pleased that she was going to lunch with her friends and I was amazed to see a beautiful bunch of flowers arrive from AndyM. I was planning the celebrations for her 70th (wow) this Sunday, when I presumed the first of March would be born.

Silly Aquarian that I am, an air-child with my head in the clouds - I didn’t realise that Pisces was already swimming around. AndyM, being a Virgo, would probably not comprehend how I could do this. But then, I must not blame astrology for my absent-mindedness. Good for you AndyM!


Talking about Aquarians - I remember directing Russell Grant, many moons ago as Mr Stromboli in a production of Pinnochio (I’m talking about the mid-70’s) Even then Russell was involved in astrology and used to rush home after rehearsals to work on his charts. Hard work sometimes pays off and I think most people have heard of Russell and have read his columns in various newspapers. If anyone thinks that he and the others, just make it up, I can assure a lot of work goes into the preparation of even one chart. www.russellgrant.com

Russell was also a great Mr. Stromboli! I must talk more about Astrologers; in particular, ‘Chris’ who works in central london, often at ‘Mysteries’ in Monmouth Street, not far from Cambridge Circus - but the ‘half’ has just been called and I must prepare for tonights performance.

A Crocus for Saddleworth Moor

Saddleworth Moor in February is a bleak place to drive through, on a crowded M62 in the rain. I had set-off from the east side, near York, in the early just-spring sunshine and for a while it was a pleasure to drive. Reaching the summit of the Moor however, a pylon looking like a meccano monster covered in satellite dish armour, stood legs astride and menacing, on the barren slopes…and it rained. It was as if the moors were weeping over their sad history. I mentioned my feelings to Liz the next morning; “send the place a blessing,” was her simple reply.

How right she was; I had not been feeling well all week – I’m not saying that the Moors had affected my health, but nevertheless, as I drove over once again, I sent out my love and warmth to the Guardian Spirits of that barren place and at once, I began to feel better and more positive.

Arriving in Manchester, I bought some yellow tulips and put them on my dressing table at the Opera House. This is very unusual for me. Apart from having an aversion to seperating flowers from their roots – cutting them off from their life force. I usually find myself just too busy to bother.

“Too busy to Bother” – an awful thought, but life can be so hectic.

A crocus for Saddleworth Moor

Meanwhile in the Grove - On Tuesday morning, an early yellow crocus had shown it’s face; by Saturday it looked a little sad and on the way out, but beside it had grown a cluster of new blue ones. Early spring “When the world is puddle-wonderful” as EE Cummings would say, is a perilous time for new growth. A sudden frost or storm can wreck the most delicate and beautiful young growing-things. Only the snowdrops, looking the most fragile, seem to be unaffected. It’s the same in life – People who look strong are not always the ones who are.

“My belief-mechanism can’t cope with it!”


27-05-06_1618.jpgMy friend Ann in Manchester went potty one day; “My belief mechanism can’t cope with it!” she wrote, after being confronted with tales of spirits and an afterlife; not to mention a heaven of forests, rivers, fields, fantastic palace-like buildings and celestial universities, where souls reviewed the life they had just completed and where they prepared for their next incarnation – choosing their parents and their future earthly environment and future-life challenges.It would be great to look forward to an afterlife of Joy in the company of departed friends and loved ones. Yet it is somehow all too Three-dimensional, concrete and of this world.We are three-dimensional beings, existing within a fourth dimension of time. We cannot physically experience a fifth dimension and understand it in the way we can experience and understand Height, Breadth, Length and Duration in our earthly environment. Yet modern physicists and cosmologists such as Stephen Hawkings and Michio Kaku are conceiving up to ten dimensions, parallel universes, wormholes in space and gradually through experiment and mathematical reasoning; proving their existence!We are surrounded, in fact saturated in vibrations, emanating from ourselves and our environment. Many of these vibrations can be ‘picked-up’ and processed by us. But there are limits to human sensory awareness which can be surpassed by animals and birds for example. A dog’s range of smell and hearing is far superior to our own. An eagle’s vision is much keener and the sonar orientation of birds and dolphins cannot be conceived by us.Imagine that you are a B/W television set – colour signal/vibrations pass through you, but because you can only receive and interpret monochrome – the picture remains B@W.This does not mean that the colour signal/vibrations do not exist however.

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